Thursday, November 5, 2015

Living With an Anti-Social IMPOSSIBLE Dom

Him: Do you want to do anything special for your birthday?
Me: YES! That sounds great!
Me: Notices the notifications for a party on's Upper floor, RSVPs "YES."
Early October
Him: You want to go to Vegas for your birthday?
Me: YES!
Cancels RSVPs to Upper Floor party.
Mid October
Him: We can't go to Vegas for your birthday. Make other plans.
Me: Maybe, um, a party?
Him: No.
Late October
Him: Make plans for your birthday!
Me: Like what?
Him: YOU decide.
Last week of October
Him: Did you make plans for your birthday?
Me: Yeah...we can go bowling or...something.
Him: You don't sound very excited.
Me: Will you at least take me to the munch? Please?
Him: Maybe. I'll think about it.
Two days before my birthday
Him: We're not going to do anything exciting for your birthday, are we?
Me: Can you PLEASE take me to the munch. ONCE A YEAR, that's all I ask.
Him: Fine, I'll come to the munch. But it's too bad I won't be able to give you your birthday spankings there.
Me: ...You want to give me birthday spankings?
Him: Yeah. Too bad we're not going to a party.

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