Friday, May 20, 2011

Kink Meme, Day 21

"Favorite BDSM related book."

I don't have a favorite book. I go back to most of my books over and over again, mostly to re-read specific scenes. Sometimes it's just one or two lines of text or dialogue that may haunt me, and I highlight those passages. I know, it's ridiculous.
Some of my latest highlights, and the authors who wrote them:

"I'm going to take possession of all three of your holes today Viv." --Candace Blevins
"I need to take you fast. I need to take you hard...I won't play games and I won't let you change your mind once we've begun." --Grace Samuels
" 'I know you're uncomfortable,' he told her. 'But I think it's a good starting point for us to work through your obvious discomfort with certain aspects of your sexuality. Don't you?' " --Anne O'connell
"I don't think so, sweetheart. I'm through playing things your way. It's my turn to run the show." --Evangeline Anderson
" 'You're going to swallow,' he warned. 'I want you to take it all.' "--Rena Marks
"You have to trust me, girl. I think you don't trust me. I know I haven't had a lot of time together, but I'm being careful. Perhaps you don't see it, but I am." --Annabel Joseph

Jeez, now that I'm writing them down I realize my highlights are almost always the Dom explaining things or giving orders to the sub. I guess that was a real turn-on for me, and I didn't even know it. The things you learn about yourself when putting up a new blog post!

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