Thursday, May 8, 2014

Countdown of Top 10 Things No One Will Tell You Before Your First Trip To a Dungeon

I wish someone had told me this stuff before my first trip to a dungeon. But no, I had to learn the hard way! Now maybe some of you don't.
Obviously you may disagree with some of the stuff I put on my list, or have other things you think are more important. Please note this list is geared for female bottoms visiting the dungeon for the first time. I have zero experience going to a dungeon either as a Top, or as a male. (I have zero experience going anywhere as a Top or male. Sorry.)
On to the list, in reverse order!

10. Don't bother spending too much time on your hair. Yes, pretty yourself up to make yourself look and feel attractive. But don't bother spending hours and hours to get every wispy strand just so. There is no point. Once you and your Top start to play, your hair will get grabbed, pulled, yanked, tugged, and smoothed down in ways you never thought would stick, only it will, because by now your hair is damp and stringy with sweat, too. If you're lucky, by the end of the night, your hair will be a tousled mess, and believe me, you'll look just as beautiful as the moment you walked in.

9. Don't bother spending too much time on your eye makeup, either. If you plan on having any kind of fun on the dungeon play floor, that makeup's gonna smudge big time. The harder you play, the harder it's gonna run. I've never met a Top yet who didn't like the look of mascara smeared with tears. Telling your Top your makeup is waterproof is only going to make him (or her) want to test that claim, believe me. And getting makeup in your eyes while your hands are cuffed down, and you can't rub? Not fun...not fun at all.

8. Wear comfortable stockings and panties, or none at all. Fishnets look great on any legs, but what they don't tell you is those naughty threads are going to catch on everything. Not just you, but the people brushing past, the dungeon equipment, and sometimes, your Top's tools.
There's nothing like running to the bathroom, desperate to pee, and not being able to pull your panties off because the crotch snaps of your fancy panties have caught on your fishnets. You can't pull up, you can't push's like having a little mini-scene right there in the bathroom, by yourself. Believe me, I know.
If you're going to wear pantyhose that go all the way over the waist, keep in mind that underpants look better when worn over the pantyhose. Also keep in mind that if you're wearing your underpants over your pantyhose, when your Top tells you to get rid of the hose, your underwear is going to go with 'em.
"But I'll be naked!" Will not be taken by your Top as a valid complaint. Take my word on this.

7. Go easy on the jewelry, or go without. I'm not talking here about a collar or anything else signifying a D/s or M/s status. I'm talking about things you wear for vanity's sake: necklaces, bracelets, earrings—oh god, beware the hanging hoop earrings, they shall be the downfall of your earlobes. I'm being literal here.

6. Bring Wipes. Wipes are always, always a good thing to carry in your bag. After you play, you can use them to wipe down your arms, your chest, your hands, even your feet if they got dirty. The dungeon will have cleaning supplies to wipe down the equipment you just used, but most of the time, that cleaning solvent is nothing you want to use on your skin. It's always nice to have the option to "freshen up" a little bit after a good bout of play.

5. Bring some makeup supplies. Unless you don't mind walking around with a makeup smeared face—your Top won't mind, in fact s/he will probably parade you around and show you off with pride, like Look! This is my art! I did this!—you might want to get to a mirror and fix yourself up a bit. Nothing's going to make you look perfect; you're a flushed, sweaty, swollen, heaving mess by now. But a quick touchup here and there with some concealer and lipstick can go miles towards making you feel human again...if that's what you want, anyway.

4. Carry breath mints. You're going to be moaning, wailing, shrieking, swearing, and (if you're anything like me) screaming, a lot. All of that will have an effect on your throat. It's nice to be able to pop a breath mint in your mouth and go on with your night with minty fresh breath when the scene is over.

3. Bring something warm, like a blanket, in case you get cold after you play. After a good play scene, a bottom can often get the chills. It's nice to have something warm and cozy to wrap up in. Personally, I like to snuggle into my Mistress's coat. But summer is coming, and I doubt she'll be wearing her coat much longer.

2. Bring your sincerity. I can't stress this enough. Don't be a fake, and don't put on an act. If you're new, be honest about it. If you're ignorant about where to go or what to do, tell people. Ask for direction. And once you're in the play space with your Top, don't try to act in a way you think you're supposed to, just to put on a show. You are not there for anyone else. You are there for your Top, yes, but mostly, you are there for you. Do whatever feels right (assuming it's allowed in the dungeon and doesn't disturb anyone else's scene). Let yourself go; don't worry about how you look or sound. People appreciate raw honestly much more than a scene that looks orchestrated and fake. If they wanted fake, they could've stayed home and watched porn. They come to a dungeon to engage with real people, like you.

And, in my humble opinion, the number #1 thing to remember:

1.Wear comfortable shoes. 
Oh my GOD, there is nothing like having to hobble around at the end of the night because your feet hurt! Your nipples may be bloody, your ass may be purple, but none of that will compare to the torment you will go through if your feet are in agony! You will beg your Top for some bastinado, just for some relief from your shoes! It is terrible! 
Do not underestimate the dark horrible power of an ill-fitting pair of shoes! 

And there you have it. My Top 10 List. Feel free to add your own. :)

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  1. Great advice for a sub lady. Thanks.
    How about a guest post from a Top/Guy?
    I love the shoes thing. And the blanket. We brought only a towel to sit on. Your right.