Monday, May 19, 2014

Northwest Leather Celebration Part 1: An Introduction

This past weekend I attended Northwest Leather Celebration. It's a kinky BDSM conference, chock full of classes, panels, discussion groups, and social opportunities.

The big event at NWLC is the Master/slave contest: couples from different areas compete to win the title of NWLC Master/slave. The couples are judged the entire weekend on different things, but mostly, I think, their conduct. The judges want to see that they truly personify what it means to be a Master, a slave, and in a M/s relationship. Fakes are quickly weeded out.

Workshops are offered Friday afternoon, and all of Saturday and Sunday. The hospitality suite is opened for different groups to entice and educate the local community. NWLC also has a vending room to buy toys, clothes, and books, and a bootblacking area to get your shine on.

Friday night and Saturday night the dungeon opens, and the play is on. I played both nights. (Related: I am fucking sore.)

This conference had a special closing event, a memorial service for a woman who was very special to the local community, Ms.Margaret. She ran NWLC for many years and unfortunately, died mere weeks ago from cancer.

I arrived at NWLC on Friday afternoon, and helped out at The South Bay Spot's hospitality suite. Then I helped my mistress Ms.Vicki set up the lights in the dungeon. After that, we made a quick run to the Southern Cross Usual Suspects Munch, ate a fast dinner, and then it was time to change for the play party.

Saturday I only made it to one The rest of the time I was walking around talking to friends, visiting the vending room, or just hanging out. The class I did go to was amazing, so there was that.
Saturday night was the Master/slave contest, the silent auction (which was not so silent), and the announcement of the winners. Then the dungeon opened again: more torture, more screaming.

After that, I helped Ms.Vicki take down the lights, and she drove me home.

I did not go back to the conference on Sunday. I was too beat, literally. I was sorry to miss the memorial service for Ms.Margaret, though; I hear it was inspiring and healing.

All in all, it was an incredible conference. So many stories, so much to tell. But I'll get to those stories bit by bit.

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