Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Toys You'll NEVER See in a Hotel Bentmoore Story

The following pictures have been brought to you by scarysextoyfriday.com, the letter O (as in OhMyGOD, my eyes, my EYES) and the number 4 (as in for the love of GOD, make it GO AWAY.)

You will never see these toys in any of my stories. You're welcome.

We start with some hand restraints. The Hotel Bentmoore believe firmly in hand restraints; they are quite useful for a variety of purposes. One purpose not listed, however, is the satisfaction of a squid fetish.

Although if someone has a deep desire to fuck a mermaid, I suppose these things would have their uses.

Believe it or not, the Hotel Bentmoore does have its limits. It does not, for instance, condone necrophelia. Which is why you'll never see a toy like this:
And while this guy is not technically a zombie, he's still scary as hell:

You think he blinks?

Imagine having a staring contest with him...through the flesh of your pelvis.


This guy:

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