Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spankings, Rated by Pain*

*As in, my pain.
Look, everyone has a different pain scale. And everyone (I mean everyone who has ever been spanked by their Dom, hollering in pain, while also thinking more! more! in their heads) (which clearly would not include most vanilla people, and would also not include my sister, who I have come to learn now reads this blog, HELLO, SISTER! Thanks for stopping by!) (Wait. Where was I? Oh yes, everyone who is a kinky sub and likes to get spanked) has certain tools that excites them, and certain tools that just scare the crap out of them. And there are lots and lots of variations of toys and tools, so this really depends on the device being implemented, and, you know, where it's being applied. So, all that being said, here is my list, a countdown to what hurts the most:

1. The hand. It's intimate, and personal, and can vary widely in effect and intensity. It's also hard to anticipate the next slap when the hand has a tendency to caress every once in a while--which feels nice, but makes it difficult to sink into the pain acceptance and subspace.

2. The belt. Now we're talking stinging pain. The belt can whap, or it can snap, or it can just smack you around, depending on the belt itself. But that thing is going to hurt, and it's only going to get worse the longer the spanking goes on. Looping the belt can alter the feel of it; shorter belts tend to have a stingier snap to them. Beware the silver-tipped belt! I love the belt, simply because I love the idea of being spanked by something that's been around Husband's waist all day. I love watching him unbuckle the belt, pull it from the loops, loop it in his hand as he tells me to bend over...oh man, next to the hand, the belt is best.

3. The paddle. It's wide, and somehow, that actually distributes the pain more evenly, which doesn't give me that "stinging cut" feeling. It's just kind of a general, warm slap. It hurts, but once a good rhythm is established, it's all good.

4. The flogger. I guess a lot depends on the type of flogger; like many point out, a heavier, thicker flogger will feel more like a "thud," while a lighter flogger with thinner ribbons will be more "stingy." But what's true for both of them is the longer you use it, the more painful it gets. But the intensity escalates gradually, which can lengthen the time of the spanking session.

5. The crop. The blow of the crop can be softened, depending on how it's being wielded, but there's no way to make it feel good. It just fucking hurts. In this house, it's a pretty serious punishment implement. It's also not one of my favorites because I don't like the look of the welts it raises on my skin.

6. The hairbrush. For me, this is the worst of the worst. The pain goes from zero to ten in one smack, and it doesn't have to be a hard smack, either. It doesn't take any time at all before I'm crying in agony with the hairbrush. On the other hand, there are times when I ask for the hairbrush, because I love the bruises it raises on my skin. They are a beautiful blue, blotchy and round, and stay for quite a few days before slowly fading. And let's be honest, sometimes a sub is just in a mood to get marked up.

I realize this is not a power cord,
but I could not find a sexy picture of a  power cord,
so this will have to do.

7. The power cord. I'm adding this to the end, because it's Husband's favorite. It's quiet, so any noise Husband hears is coming from me. It's vicious, so Husband knows he doesn't have to bother with a long warm-up. And believe it or not, it's easy for him to aim and control this thing (don't ask me how), so he can have fun aiming his stripes. I hate the power cord. Not as much as the hairbrush, but it's up there on my list. It does make some nicer stripes on my skin than the crop, though.

Keep in mind, this is just a general list, and does not include a lot of other spanking implements like rulers, tawses, canes, etc. And there's a lot of variation between the same types of implements, depending on size, material, how it's made, etc.
But I never claimed to be a spanking expert. I just call 'em how I feel 'em.
Now go get spanked.


  1. Thanks for post. I LOVE the Belt also.

  2. I get spanked a lot with a bath brush! It really stings a lot and leaves me in pain with welts for days! John56

  3. I just got my first spanking and boy my husband really blistered my bottom good. He worked on my bottom for over an hour. Slowly building heat. He started with his hand then a slotted plastic spoon. Then corner time. Then it was on my tummy over some pillows for a dose of the belt. I have never had anything like that. It felt like a razor sliceing my bottom. Then back to the corner. Next it was diaper position and my legs stretched as tight as he could possibly get them and he took a stick and worked that seam between legs and bottom. Then the hairbrush to the sitspot and upper thighs.I am screaming with every swat. He finally let's my legs down and I think it is corner time again. Wrong ! Is just has me turn back on my tummy. He spreads my legs wide open and spreads CT cheeks apart. I jump forward with startlement as I feel something ice cold on my opening. He ordered me to hold still as he begins inserting something. I can't control my Amy's and it pushes out. He said I have not been accepting and need to take a deep breath and let go. My bottom is so sore from spanking. Any way I feel his fingers massaging it. He told me I had this last chance or I would get the belt again. He put it bac against my Amy's and told me to exhale completely and go limp. He said it would hurt then it would ease up. I did it and never felt more pain as it ravaged my hole. I absolutely bawled my eyes out. He stroked my hair and said good girl. It was back to the corner. The last phase was hands on the wall butt stuck out for a good switching. I had to hold the plug in. That broke me. I collapsed face down on the bed. He held me and told me I had taken it well. I held the plug for an hour and he came and took it out and replaced it with his hard duck.