Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's Not Kink

It is his gentle kiss on the cheek
The graze of his lips against my skin
or a gentle caress.
He stands with confidence, unaware how his very presence affects me
but even when he's not near me, he can still arouse me with the barest whisper.
I know many times I can be a brat
And the things that come out of my mouth can cut him to the core

But when he pulls me close, shuts me up with his lips, I know my strength will never equal his.
No matter what I see in the mirror, the ugliness I face, he forces me to look beyond
and see something beautiful
To be the best woman he knows I can be.
He protects me as I face my demons
and holds me close against the world.
When I feel lost, and alone, in the deepest darkest corners of my mind, 
I can still feel him there with me.

He breaks me when I need to be broken
And forces my head up high when I am in despair.
He banishes all my guilt, insecurities, and fear
so I feel strong in his chains.
He satisfies my deepest cravings
and finds me worthy to satisfy his.
Some call it kinky
Some call it sadistic
Some call it wrong
We call it love.