Saturday, January 21, 2012


I'm going to admit something here that I've never really talked about before. There's no way to make it sound less ridiculous than it is, so I'm going to just come right out and say it:

(cue Jaws music)

I have nipple problems.

My nipples are just too damn sensitive. Or maybe not; maybe I'm just too sensitive about my nipples, and it's a chemical brain reaction. Maybe every woman has nipples as sensitive as mine, and mine just bother me more than theirs do them.
I don't know. I do know I commented one time, it feels like the nerve endings that were supposed to be in my vagina somehow ended up in my nipples. How else can I explain the fact I can stick monstrous, unyielding things up my ass, and get fisted in my cunt, but do the "shriek and freak" every time Husband  so much as brushes a fingertip against one of my nipples?
(That actually sounded cool: The ShriekN'Freak. Or maybe I should call it the ShriekN'Freak Tweak.)
There are certain times I can handle the nipple stimulation, like when I'm hyper-aroused and about to come. Otherwise, if he comes anywhere near my nipples, I freak the fuck out.
Sometimes, he wants me to freak out. When he restrains my hands out or above my head, and starts making moves towards my nipples, he knows I'm going to start struggling and protesting. If he so much as taps a nipple while I'm restrained and helpless, it's like a switch goes off in my brain that says let the screaming begin. I don't know why. I can't explain it.
I just freak. The fuck. Out.
It becomes a problem when Husband just wants to play with my breasts, and I can't let him. Yeah, he could just tie my hands and play as much as he wants despite my struggles and cries, but that's not what he usually wants. He wants me to feel pleasure, or at least, satisfaction.
Not panic.
If I'm in pain, there should be pleasure in the pain, or in the submission to the pain. He doesn't want to be doing something to me he knows I'm not enjoying at all, on any level. That's not the point.
We have nipple clamps, and I've worn them...but to be honest, I haven't worn them that often, and when I have, I haven't worn them that long. They are a punishment device only.
You want to hear something sad? I'd rather have ginger in my ass than clamps on my nipples. I can wrap my head around the ginger pain, go with it, get to a place where the pain feels tingly and good. I can't do that with the nipple clamps. They terrify me.
So I need some nipple training. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but I'm taking this very seriously.
I'm going to start with some nipple charms. Nothing designed for punishment; jewelry-intended only.
Then I'll move on to some dangly-style charms, ones that add some weight to the nipples and can be pulled away a bit.
Then, once I've gotten used to those, I'll work my way to screw-style nipple clamps, where the bite can be adjusted.
I'm going to work on this. I'm going to get over my fear.
Meanwhile, I'm sure Husband is going to have a grand time watching me walk around with "things" around my nipples.


  1. I'm completely the opposite. My nipples are rather unsensitive, and it's only since we've done some very intense nipple play that they've woken up a bit. And I'm starting to feel sensitivity even when he just strokes them now, so perhaps you can be trained the other way :).

  2. I hope so! That is the plan. Either train the nips, or train my brain.

  3. I've had the same sensitive nipple issue and would love to know how the training is coming along. I had mine pierced for about 7 years, somehow hoping I would get used to things. But no. I removed the piercings and am just as sensitive as before (and during).

  4. Well, fuck, G, that doesn't sound encouraging. I'd NEVER be able to get my nipples pierced, though! That must've taken some courage!