Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Things I Share With You...

I was so horny.

It's possible I would have protested more, fought harder against it, if circumstances had been different. But I was so horny. That is my only defense, my only explanation. So please, dear readers, if this squicks you out, please be kind, have some compassion, and know that it squicked me out, too. But...Lord, it was hot.

He ordered me out of the bathroom naked, and told me to get on the bed, onto my hands and knees. He was already holding the lube, ready and waiting.
I crawled on the bed, smiling, anticipating a fun romp. My blood hummed, my skin flushed, my senses tingled. I wanted him badly. I wanted to fuck, badly. 

As I lowered my face to the mattress and lifted my ass in the air, he stood still, not moving...just admiring the view.
"Well?" I asked, my voice clipped. "It's not going to lube itself, you know."

He stretched out his hand and offered me the lube. "You do it," he said.
I stared at him over my shoulder.
"Lube your ass."
I grabbed the lube, staring at it like I've never seen it before. Slowly, I opened the top, squeezed a glob of lube onto my fingers...reached behind me...and rubbed my asshole.
"That's not going to do the job," he said, amused. 
"Then get me a toy."
"No," he replied. "Get your fingers in there."
I stopped.
"You...you want me to put my fingers in my ass?"
"Yes. Why not? I do it all the time."
"But...." How could I explain to him that while the idea of him putting his fingers in my ass was a total turn on, the idea of sticking my own fingers up there totally squicked me out? Double standard or no, it was true. I had never stuck my own fingers up my ass before.
"Do it." There was no brokering now. The order was clear and precise.
Slowly, I pressed one finger into my ass, and felt it slide in. I groaned. It felt hot, and tight, slippery with the lube...so wrong, so dirty, and so fucking good.
"That's it," he encouraged me. "Use two fingers now...you can go deeper...get it ready for me...good girl...."
I pressed my fingers in harder, deeper, straining to get my arm around as far as it could go. I was used to feeling my ass being stretched and rubbed, but now I could feel my fingers doing the work, too, stretching and rubbing. The double sensation was new, exciting, and so, so naughty.
As I finger-fucked my own asshole, I sank deeper into subspace. My mind was a black void, free of thoughts...free of inhibitions.
"Get down on the floor," I heard. "On your hands and knees. But don't take your fingers out of your ass."
Awkwardly I stood up, keeping my fingers inside my own ass, and planted myself on the floor. Husband spread my knees wide. Then he rammed into my cunt.
"Keep going," he said, pumping into me from behind. "I'm not ready for your ass yet. Keep it open for me."
I stretched my ass as he rammed my cunt. But I couldn't balance on one hand; my cheek rested against the carpet, lifting my hips and ass even more. 
"Now," he said. As I pulled my fingers from my ass, he lunged inside, to the hilt. And then he was fucking my ass like he had fucked my cunt, with deep, even thrusts.
In between thrusts, he taunted me.
"Do you like feeling inside your own ass?" He asked, his voice barely above a whisper.
I groaned. "Yes."
"Does it feel good?"
"Does it turn you on?"
"Yes," my voice cracked.
"Good. It turns me on, too. Put your head back down, lift your ass up."
I lowered my cheek back down to the carpet, feeling it burn as it rubbed against the fibers but no longer caring. My elbows and knees were burning, too, but I hardly noticed. Even the burn coming from my nipples brushing against the scratchy carpet only added to my excitement.
He fucked my ass for a long time, and as my series of orgasms began, he grabbed my hips and pumped harder, holding my chest down with a hand placed in the small of my back. I stretched my arms out in front of me and let go, letting him push me forward, fill me up, and fuck me hard as I came again, and again, groaning and howling each time I did.
Finally, he came with a grunt, pushing me a foot up the carpet. I squealed, feeling him explode inside my rear channel.
As he got up to wash, he slapped my ass, as he often does after a nice bout of anal sex.
"That was hot," he said. 
"Yes, it was," I had to agree. I knew he wasn't must making a blanket statement: he was letting me know I'd be doing it again, lubing up my own ass, and probably quite soon.



  1. I lube my own, but right before he arrives. The idea of him doing it turns me on, but in reality, when he did it once in the past, it was not at all hot. He really doesn't like putting his fingers in there because it squicks him out, not that he would admit it, but when the man brings latex gloves and makes it seem like a medical exam, not my idea of fun. So . . . I lube my own.

    I have to lube my own front too, because he thinks dabbing some at the opening is sufficient. Uh. No. I'm 50 and there's no foreplay, so need lots of lube and pre-stretching.

  2. I have no idea why this would squick anyone out. :) I used to do my own all the time. It's better when he does it - but he's made me do my own like this too, while he watched, and... yeah, it was hot. Humiliating, but hot.

    1. I find doing anything to myself in front of someone to be a total turnoff, so . . . thankfully the man only asked once for me to do something to myself. So far.

  3. No squick here. That was totally hot!

    ... the first time I slid a finger in myself I couldn't believe how hot and tight it was ...

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

  4. I'm not squicked, but I can totally see where you're coming from! It would kinda squicks me out too. Even when I give my BF prostate massages I use a latex glove because, well, I'm bit OCD about germs and dirt and I really don't want to scrub my fingers off afterward. But hey, it could happen one day.