Monday, September 17, 2012

What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar?

As we were snuggling together last night, Husband and I had a funny conversation.

Me: Remember years ago, this one time I tied you up?
Him: Yes, I remember.
Me: You weren't against the idea. Would you let me tie you up again, if I asked?
Him: You tied me up and gave me a blowjob.
Me: So?
Him: If you tied me up and gave me a blowjob, I would let you.
Me: Would you like it?
Him: The blowjob?
Me, rolling my eyes: No, being tied up.
Him: No. But if you want to do that, if that turns you on, then I'd let you. Does it?
Me: No.
Him: Good. Cause I'd much rather grab your head and pull it in to get a blowjob.
Me: But you'd let me tie you up if I really wanted to?
Him: Of course. I want you to be happy; then I get more blowjobs.
Me: What if I tied you up and didn't give you a blowjob?
Him: I'd cane you till you bled.

There are many ways to take this conversation.
One way is to see that Husband is willing to indulge my wants, my fantasies, to please me, even if they make him uncomfortable. But he expects something in return.
Another way to look at it is to assume Husband is willing to go way, way out of his comfort zone for a blowjob.

The way I see it, Husband just set down a challenge, to see if he would really cane me till I bled. He never has before.
I have a feeling he's hoping I take up the gauntlet. That way, he gets to give me a royal caning...and he gets the blowjob.

He's sneaky that way.


  1. I really enjoy these conversations with your husband. He has a smart quick and Domly wit.

  2. I enjoy them too! And yes, why does he want something in return all the time? Oh that's right! Human nature!