Monday, July 27, 2015

Updates (and Bombs)

Dear Readers,
It is with great excitement that I share the news: my latest book is now out!
It is a stand-alone book, the second one in my "Erotic Fairy Tale" series. You can read sample chapters on AMAZON or BARNES&NOBLE.

My other news is not so exciting. I tried updating my blog last week—including all my pages—and I ended up inadvertently planting bombs instead, killing a lot of my design and blog photos. I fixed what I could, and everything should be fine from here on out, but many of my previous entry photos are now kaput.
Bah. Bah and grr.

I'm traveling again this week (this summer is the "Summer of Travel," it feels like); when I get back, it'll be time to start outlining my next book.

I'll be visiting family while I'm away. You can look forward to blog posts about my religiously-conservative, ANTI-kink family.
Bah. Bah and grr.


  1. Congratulations!!!!

    Isn't it funny these double lives we lead. Our families would be dismayed if they had a tiny inkling...beyond shocked if they actually knew ;-)

  2. I'm religiously conservative (and relate to your background) and am pro-kink. They just don't see all that is true, and you know some truth they are missing out on. Too bad for them :-(.

  3. Is this book going to be released in iBooks?

  4. There is a chance you are eligible for a complimentary $1,000 Amazon Gift Card.