Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Consensual Non-Consent: This Is Where The Tea Analogy Breaks Down

Inspired by this video: 

Top and bottom negotiating CNC scene over PMs:
bottom: All this talk about tea has made me want a consensual non-consent tea scene. I want you to hold me down and pour tea down my throat. Don't be gentle about it either; I want to be fucking choking on that shit.
Top: That sounds hot. I've always wanted to do a tea-choking scene; sounds like waterboarding! Yeah!
bottom: Hey now, don't make it like waterboarding. I don't want any tea up my nose.
Top: Ah; okay. I'll have to hold you down vertically somehow, then. I'll use a dental gag—
bottom: No, dental gags are a big trigger. I gotta call RED on that.
Top: Uh, problem! I'll just, um...hold your jaws open. Fuck yeah, this'll be hot! Pour that scalding hot tea down your throat—
bottom: No fucking way! I don't want scalding hot tea down my throat, are you nuts? I'll burn. Make it warm.
Top: Alright; no scalding hot tea. I'll blow on it first. But I'll make you finish that whole fucking cup...maybe even the whole set of cups—
bottom: You got a tea set?
Top: Of course; I am well prepared. Like I said, I've always wanted to do a tea-choking scene.
bottom: What color is the set?
bottom: Ok; blue is okay. Pink would not have been okay. Pink squicks me out.
Top: Well, now that I think about it, the saucers might have pink flowers on them. But that's okay, I know someone else who has a plain blue tea set, I can borrow his—
bottom: HOLD ON THERE, BUCKO. We are not inviting someone else's tea set into our scene.
Top: I can blindfold you?
bottom: That might work. Maybe.
Top: Um...look, why don't we sit down somewhere and really go over this scene from beginning to end. You want to get together in person somewhere? Maybe have a cup of tea with me?
bottom: We're not done negotiating, and you already want to start a scene with me!
Top: No no, not a SCENE. Just two people sitting in a restaurant, having a cup of tea.
bottom: Oh. Okay then. Sounds good.
Moral of the story: Consensual Non-Consent is not like asking someone if they'd like a fucking cup of tea.

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