Sunday, April 3, 2011

The bed I want so badly (Link)

It's called the Folsom Bed, and they sell it at Stockroom and Dungeonbeds. And no, I am in no way "getting" anything in exchange for throwing the link (and the sites) out there. I am simply stating a fact: if I had the money, I would buy this bed. It looks so fun.

I came across it doing research for the Bentmoore story I'm working on right now. I want to mention the Folsom Bed in the story by name; I wrote to Stockroom, asking permission. They haven't written me back, so I'm just going to have to describe a generic bed with eyebolts and hooks already attached (there are other beds like this out there).

But I really wanted to call it the Folsom Bed. Maybe even put it on the cover! Oh well. Jt's Stockroom people, if you read this: let me put your bed in my story!

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  1. Please put me on the list for this bed too!