Sunday, May 8, 2011

Putting Images into Words

All of the images here are from the online site Bondage 247. Everything you see here is for sale! (And no, I'm not getting paid or anything like that for using their images. In fact, I asked permission. I just really get a kick out of their site.)

Some of the times I have to be careful in my writing, give more meticulous thought to my words, are when I'm describing tools and furniture people are using in a BDSM scene. I don't want to over-describe; I want people to be able to have their own personal image in their heads of what I'm talking about. But at the same time, they need to have at least a general idea of what the tool or furniture piece looks like, so they're not completely confused when I say a leg went here or an arm twisted there.

Sometimes this is relatively easy. Take, for example, this piece:

It's pretty simple to describe. It's a chair with a huge rubber dildo strapped onto the seat. Now, I might want to embellish the image a little, describe the chair as padded, or wide with armrests, or maybe change the look and size of the dildo. But the general idea is the same: dildo strapped to seat of chair. It's pretty obvious where the scene is going if I'm describing something like this.

Tools are often like that. If my Dom is using a crop

Well, a crop is a crop. In fact, I would have to add more description if I want to alter the image somehow, because this is the default picture most people will have in their heads if I say 'crop,' I think.

But some images are harder. Take, for example, this:
This, on the website, is called a "Vipers Tongue Tawse Whip." Now I don't know about you, but when I see this, I only see a tawse, not a whip. When I say "whip," I'm talking about long pliable coiled leather, not this. So I might describe this as a split tawse, or a double-tongued tawse, and leave out the word whip altogether. But then what if you don't know what a tawse is? How much do I need to assume my readers know? In this case, I might assume they have some kind of general idea of what a tawse is, and if they don't, they can look it up.

And then I come across a hurdle like this.
This is a flogging bench. When you see it, it's pretty obvious how it's designed to be used. But do you know how many flogging benches are out there? How many styles and configurations? Too many.
So if I say "flogging bench," there is no way I can assume the reader is going to picture this flogging bench unless I describe it further.
But how? It's's's about table high...except for the leg platform, um, thingies? Where you can rest your knees? Legs? They are slightly lower than the, um, higher part? Where you put your torso? But they are also padded, and the whole thing has straps for your body except for your hands or arms, that would have to be added later, oh and your ankles too, but it actually looks really comfortable and would give your partner easy access to your presenting parts unless you're on your back in which case I guess it would be much more uncomfortable to have your feet hanging down....

You get the idea.
So these are some of the issues I deal with, writing BDSM erotica. It's actually not a bad problem to have. I get to research BDSM gear all the time. And find little treasures like these. And drool.
And again, all the images taken here are from the Bondage247 website. They are based in the UK, and seem to have stuff I've never seen offered in American sites, like JT's Stockroom.
They're on Twitter, too. I love linky-love.

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  1. I love linky love too and thanks for this one, I have not come across them before but they look interesting.