Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Man Hands

You would think, after yesterday's post, that it's a guy's face that gets me all hot and wet between the legs.

Ahhh, but you'd only be half right.

True, I go for the slanted brows, the soft creamy eyes, the angled nose and square jaw. I like a guy with messed up hair and a five o'clock shadow, like he's just gotten out of bed after a good tumble between the sheets.

But what really gets me going isn't the's the hands.
Man Hands.

Show me a good pair of man hands, and I'll suddenly turn into a woman who can't collect her thoughts, who's standing frozen with caught breath and beading lip.

What makes a good pair of man hands, you ask? It's simple: everything that makes them different from feminine hands. Man hands have to be square, and knuckled, with well defined tendons and rounded fingers.
They have to be wide, and the fingers have to be able to spread. A lot.
When I see a pair of great looking man hands, I'm not thinking about the guy's face or figure anymore. I'm thinking about all the things those hands can do, all the places they can go...I'm wondering where those hands have been. And on whom.
I'm picturing them holding different implements of punishment, maybe some tools of pleasure...I'm imagining them at work.
Why do you need a pair of gloves to hold a bottle?...OH, MY!
So a face is nice, a flat stomach is nice, a wide chest is nice...but nothing gets my juices flowing like a great pair of hands.
Of course, it doesn't hurt to have a great pair of hands modeling a great ass.

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  1. YES! Me too..I love hands and his hands in particular, they are the hand that caresses me, strokes my skin with such tenderness and spanks me until I am red raw and then dips into my wetness and makes me cum. Oh how I love those hands.