Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Liaison

I've written a little before about the hosts of the Hotel Bentmoore stories, how they each have their own looks, their own personalities, and their own backgrounds.
The guests obviously have their own histories, their reasons for coming to the hotel in the first place.

The characters that play a pivotal role in the stories, yet never really get fleshed out, are the liaisons.

The liaisons act behind the scenes; they are always at hand, always ready to perform their duties, yet can make themselves inconspicuous to the point that you forget they're there. They know the ins and outs of the Hotel like no one else, and they keep their secrets well.
After you drink what's in the cup,
you'll need the towel,
believe you me.

Liaisons at the Hotel Bentmoore are all older gentlemen who have seen things that would sear your eyeballs, yet keep themselves slightly aloof from everything going on around them. They don't judge, they don't comment, and they certainly don't gossip.

Each host has his (or her) own liaison. All communication between host and guest outside of the activity rooms must go through the liaison. Consequently, liaisons are privy to information that is often quite personal and incriminating. That is why they must be so trustworthy.

Hosts are allowed in all parts of the hotel, except for one exception: the guests' private rooms. But liaisons are allowed anywhere and everywhere they are needed. In any case, the duties of the hosts are primarily performed in the activity rooms on the lower floor, and so it is fairly rare to see them wandering around the hotel.

Liaisons, on the other hand, can be seen walking about the hallways all the time. They are delivering messages, bringing guests to and fro, handing supplies off to hosts when never know what they are carrying under that domed tray.
Could be a carefully sealed message...could be a short  whippy rod. You'll never know.
They are always dressed impeccably. They always carry themselves with a sense of quiet nobility. They take pride in their work. They are helpful. They are patient. And above all else, they keep their secrets.
No Ma'am,
the gift doesn't go on you:
it goes in you.
And they never, ever, judge.

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