Saturday, August 27, 2011


Okay guys, this is my first contest ever.

I'm finishing up the first draft of the fourth (and final) Masters of the Hotel Bentmoore story.

Story premise: Eve has arrived to the Hotel Bentmoore with her Daddy, who thinks he's dropping her off into the safe hands of her host while he's away on a business trip. But her host quickly realizes Eve needs some heavy discipline if she's ever going to be a good babygirl. He takes on the challenge of training her. Eve's Daddy is going to have some surprises awaiting him by the time he gets back!

Of course, will contain heavy spanking, belting, etc. Might also have an enema scene, I haven't decided yet (why can't I stay out of these girls' asses? The anal slut in me constantly coming through), and some teddy-bear loving.

Here's what I need: A COVER. I have not found an image that both 1. pleases me and 2. is accredited to the creator of the image. If it's not from a site like, I need to get permission to use the image.

If you have an image that you think would look nice for this story, then please, CONTACT ME.

What do you get if I use your image?
1. A free copy of the story.
2. A free copy of the collection, Masters of the Hotel Bentmoore.
3. Link-love inside the story, where I put all the copyright information and the links to my cover artist and formatter. That's right: everyone who buys the story will see a link to your site!!

So please, if you have a pic or know of someone who has a pic, please send it to me. And thanks for the help!

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