Monday, August 29, 2011

Some Changes are Afoot.

Well, if you've ever visited this blog before, you'll see right away all the links to my titles are gone.
This is because I've decided to take the advice of the lovely Molly, who I would kiss back if I could. Apparently my blog is suffering under something of an identity crisis, and I did not realize! Poor blog. :(
So I'm going to be making some changes to (hopefully) fix things and make it easier for readers who stop by and are looking for advice, information, or just some playful kink.

Perhaps the biggest change of all will be the blog title. Molly is right, the title does not reflect the blog, but...I have no idea what to name it.
SO! If you have any ideas, and would like to share, please send me your suggestions.

Winner gets a free copy of all four stories in Masters of the Hotel Bentmoore! (Once they are out.)
Losers will have me cringing like this!
So thanks again to Molly!
To everyone who's just joining: thanks for the visit, hope you'll stay awhile! I'll be adding categories in the next few days to make it easier for people to navigate the blog, so do come back!

One more quick note: If you are planning on submitting a picture for the COVER CONTEST, please make sure it does not show girly-bits. And please make sure it is not something so inappropriate I will be arrested for showing it. This is a serious contest, I do not need submissions like this one:

Thank you!


  1. My suggestion is "At Cross Purposes"

    Just my weird geeky brain in action ;-)

  2. Your welcome Shelby, the pleasure was all mine. I have discovered another little blogging gem!

    As for the name,I have a couple of suggestions...

    In The Cross Fire
    I Only Live Once (I got that from your about me page)