Monday, January 6, 2014

Battling Behavior

Well, dear readers, yesterday was an interesting night. It was the last night of winter break, the last night of Husband's vacation…and it was the anniversary of the night Husband and I met.

I knew Husband and I would be "getting down and dirty," but as far as I could tell, He had no distinctive plans. So I decided, when the time came, I would be behave differently from how I normally act: I would be obedient, I would be amicable, and I would give into his every order and suggestion quickly, without protest.
I would be utterly submissive.

Our "private time" together began.
He ordered me to pleasure him; I complied. He ordered me to pleasure myself; I complied.
A frown began to etch across his face. "What's up with you?" He asked.
"I'm trying to be good," I said. "I'm trying to behave."
He rolled me over and slapped my ass, hard, with his open palm; I knew within a few seconds I'd have the blush of his handprint outlined on my ass.
"What the hell was that for?" I screeched.
"You were being too complacent," he replied.

Of course, after that, all bets were off, and I tried to struggle as much as I could.
But I had two strikes against me: one, that Husband had already maneuvered me into easy spanking position; and two, that I am not a very strong woman on my best days.
Husband enjoyed my struggles, though. He laughed the entire time.
I laughed, too. Laughter during a scene (and sex) is, in my book, always a good thing.

I know some Doms and Masters out there prefer their subs to be docile, meek creatures, willing and eager to serve at all times.
Husband is not like that.
Thank God.

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  1. Shelby one can truly say, you have a romantic spirit about you when you are spanked on your bare bottom. You are at your best, when fully loved, and spanked, by the man you love,