Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Post on Gags

Last Saturday night was supposed to be an epic scene night for Husband and me. The older two kids usually go out that night, and the youngest, well, he's such a deep sleeper, we'd have to worry about waking the neighbors before we'd have to worry about waking him.
Husband had the whole scene mapped out in his head, he had been taunting me about for two days...and then, Saturday morning, Son2 came upstairs and dropped the bombshell.
"Guess what!" He said. "We're not going out tonight! So you guys can go out to dinner together if you want! Have a date night!"
NOOOoooooo I thought. "Thank you telling us!" I said.
I turned to Husband, and saw he was now giving me a frightful look. It was a look that said, figure this out, Wife, because my plans for you tonight will be altered for nothing and no one.

Husband's and my number #1 problem is our noise. Well, okay, my noise. Husband likes to make me scream, and the truth is, I love it, too. Screaming is a release. If I have to worry about how much noise I'm making, if I constantly have to remind myself to shush, the scene is just not going to be as much fun for me.

A plan was put into action.
"I'm going to Leather Masters," I whispered to Husband, "to get a new gag."
"Have fun," he whispered back. "You don't have to just get a new gag, you know. Look around, see if there's anything else you want."

When I got to the car, I decided to call my Mistress, and see if she wanted to come along. She did; I picked her up, and away we went.

Now, for those who don't know, there are many different types of gags.
The most common type of gag, I think, is the ball gag. They come in various shapes and sizes—there are even some made with huge jawbreakers—but they are designed to fit into the woman's ( or man's) mouth, and prevent her from speaking. She will try, of course; the words will, however, be garbled.
The problem with this gag is that, while it prevents the wearer from speaking, it does not prevent the wearer from screaming, and the volume of the screams is unaffected.

Bit gags are another type of gag that are supposed to keep a person's lips shut. But these are more of a fetish wear, in my opinion, designed for a specific kind of play, to degrade and humiliate the wearer. The person has to "bite down" on the gag, but if they can't...they can't. It does not prevent the wearer from talking, and it certainly does not muffle any screaming.
Spider gags are a different breed entirely. They are designed to keep the mouth open, not closed. While they are fun and useful in the right circumstances, they were obviously not what I was looking for.
No, I was looking for something more like a muzzle. Something that would go all the way around my mouth, and keep my jaw closed completely. Something that would really muffle my screams. 

The problem? Muzzles are fucking expensive.

When Mistress and I got to Leather Masters, a quick perusal around the store told me all their gags were going to be either too inadequate, or too extravagant for our budget.
I left with nothing.

In the car on the way home, Mistress tried to teach me how to make a do-it-yourself gag.
"You take a sock," she said, "and stuff it into the leg of a pantyhose. That goes in the mouth. Then you wrap the whole head around the mouth with an ace bandage."
"I'll ask Husband if he wants to go to Walgreens with me later, and pick out supplies," I replied. I was despondent at that point; I had really been looking forward to a new gag. But I decided having my mouth stuffed up and wrapped up by Husband's knowing hands would probably work, too.

Husband didn't think so.
"If you couldn't find a gag," he said, "then I guess we're not using a gag."
"We'll have to keep the noise down then," I answered sadly.
"You can keep the noise down," he said. "I don't care. I'm still gonna do what I had planned."
"No, Husband, please," I begged. "You'll make too much noise. I'll make too much noise. The kids will hear us."
"Then you'd better keep it down."
"No, seriously—"
"The only negotiations you're allowed right now," he said, "is whether or not I use lube. And since you don't want to scream, I think you want me to use lube."
"Good. Then negotiations are over."

Like I said, there are many different types of gags.
But, perhaps, the best type of gag might be the threat. Specifically, the "don't scream or I'll ream your ass with no lube" threat.
Turns out, that works pretty well.
A comletely gratuitous picture. You're welcome.

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  1. Thanks for this one! I agree with the threat being the best...I always have to be quiet...our youngest kidlets are atill...young. ;) one day it'll be different....