Monday, April 11, 2011

My Version: To Spank or not to Spank?

I read a blog called Daddyfiles, written by a brilliant and funny guy, who's seen his fair share of controversy. He's recently written a piece about spanking children.
Now, before anyone goes off hating me, I realize this is a serious issue and many parents have strong feelings on the matter. That being said, I couldn't resist playing with the original post a little bit. My additions/tweaks are in brackets:

I'm still going to include spanking as one of the tools in my [Dom] arsenal.

I use spanking as a last resort when all else has failed, [or when I can't resist flogging her ass]. I [love] doing it. Anyone who enjoys spanking their [sub] is a sicko [and I use the label as an endearment]. But sometimes, with certain [subs], it's effective. I say certain [subs] because the decision to spank a [sub] has to be taken on a case-by-case  basis. You can give some [subs] a stern talking to or a timeout and they learn the lesson. [But what's the fun in that?] With others, if you spank them their behavior could just get worse [and then you have to bring out the whip]. You need to know your [sub] and do what you think will be most effective.

With my [sub], timeouts [in the cage] will usually do the trick. But there are instances when they just don't cut it. Sending [her] to [her] cage with all of her [sex] toys doesn't do a whole lot of good [she'll just play with herself for hours], and taking away [her] favorite [dildos] only seems to have an effect for a couple of minutes while the bad behavior continues [and she still plays with herself in the cage anyway]. So if all the usual methods of discipline have failed and [she's] still being awful, [she] might get a smack on the butt. Nothing that's going to leave a [horrible welt] mark or really hurt [her] [if I'm not feeling like it], but more like a surprising jolt that gets [her] attention and lets [her] know what [she's] doing isn't acceptable.

I don't judge those who choose not to spank. But many members of the "no spank" contingent certainly like to cast judgment on [Doms] who do. And that's what irks me. [I mean, how the hell can you even call yourself a Dom if you don't spank?]

Sorry, but you can only do so much "deflection" and "positive corrections" before you become ineffective as a disciplinarian. I understand it's tough these days when spanking your [sub] can seemingly land you in court or in front of family protective services, but I refuse to change my [Dom] style just because of political correctness run amok [or for people who don't understand the BDSM lifestyle].

Spanking is a useful tool for [Doms] if done properly. [And it's fun! Spank a sub today! And make her thank you for it!]

Thank you, Aaron, for permission to do this.

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