Friday, May 6, 2011

One of Those Days When the Fear Wins

Everyone who's ever tried their hand at some creative writing knows the fear I'm talking about. Is this any good? Is this complete shit? Will I even be able to tell the difference when I read it myself? Will people like it? Will anyone like it? Will it be what people expect? Is it any good?

All writers go through this. I know it, I've heard it, I've been told it over and over over again. And I know the answer you're supposed to give yourself: don't let the fear stop you from writing. Write anyway. Write because it makes you happy, because it sets you free, write because you know you want to. Write because you have to, or you'll be miserable, and you know it. Write through the fear.

But sometimes I can't. Sometimes the fear wins. And today was one of those days.
And right now, I'm pretty fuckin' miserable.

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  1. Oh I know this feeling only too well. I am constantly in fear that what I write is total crap, however I have discovered that often the pieces I worry about the most tend to be the biggest hit with my readers.