Friday, June 29, 2012

This Place Can Change You

They cursed us, and drove us away. And we wept, Precious, we wept to be so alone. And we only wish to catch fish so juicy sweet. And we forgot the taste of bread... the sound of trees... the softness of the wind. We even forgot our own name. My Precious. 

Day Seven.

I cannot believe it's been seven days since I've felt his lips press against mine. Seven days since I've last seen his smile. Seven days since I've felt his fingers on my skin, the pull of his stare, his weight on mine. Seven days. 

Six more to go. 

I miss him so much. Is it pathetic that I miss him so much? I speak to him every day, and while his voice soothes me, satisfies a basic need within me, it is not enough. I need to feel his warm breath against my ear. I need to see the way his lips move when he murmurs my name. His lips are so soft. Have I mentioned that? Soft, and full, and pink. Such perfect lips. My mouth aches for them. 

My poor butt has forgotten what it feels like to ache from a sound thrashing. My thighs have become smooth and clear, like a blank canvas sitting on an artist's table, waiting to be shaded in art. They used to be painted with lines and bruises. 
They looked beautiful, dressed in lines and bruises.
Now they are naked. 

My body aches. It yearns to feel again: cuffs, straps, plugs, paddles...but most of all, his cock. I remember the taste of his cock, and the memory burns down my throat. 

Six more days. 


  1. Beautiful aching piece of writing... I remember these feelings only too well.


  2. Thank you, Molly. Time apart from the man you love is its own form of torture.

  3. We talk every day too. However, with work schedules and children's sleeping schedules and it's so late here when he can chat ... and then I am so relieved I start to fall asleep.

    Sometimes it almost hurts more to talk to him, to not be in his arms. It's easier in some lonely part of my heart, to block him out until I can feel his hands on my skin again. I'm on Day 8, with 15 to go.


  4. It is not pathetic. I can't stand it either. The last time we were apart it was for three days, and I could not sleep until I passed out from exhaustion on either of those two nights.

    I'm going to try for "never again," but you never know what horrible things might come up.

  5. Oh how I can relate to that yearning, that longing, that ache. With Michael traveling so much for work and being home so little, I guess I've kind of gotten used to that state of being. Sometimes it feels manageable and other times it feels unbearable. I'd say that I hope the next 6 days go quickly, but even if they do, I don't imagine that will assuage the longing you now feel, not until you can see him again, feel him again. Hang in there, it isn't easy.

  6. @Serenity Yes, sometimes it hurts more to talk to him. I want him with me.
    @Conina Sometimes trips must be made separately.
    @Grace It sucks that your S.O. has to travel so much. I feel for you!