Monday, November 19, 2012

Less Filling, Tastes Great

The other night, as Husband and I were lying in bed and I was watching TV whilst licking his dick (I'm good at multitasking that way), I remarked his pre-come tasted extra good for some reason.
"Good," he said--rather breathlessly, as I was swirling my tongue around the head of his cock.
"Very good," I said through muffled lips. "It's really nice. I like the taste."
He either said "oh" or "uh," I'm not sure which, because at that point his eyes were all glassy and he was just kind of staring up at the ceiling.
I made the blowjob last for as long as possible, pumping gently, but sucking often, so I could get constant little tastes of his pre-come. I know I drove him crazy, but in a good way.
A very very good way.
I only got serious about drawing things to a climax when the show ended and I wanted to go to sleep (there's some honesty for you). When he came, I held his cock down my throat and kept swallowing until he was totally dry and nothing more was coming out of that baby, cause it tasted that good.

After he had tucked me into bed and kissed my nose (he's such a sweetheart) he said to me, "you know, telling a guy his come tastes good is a really nice compliment."
"Really?" I was surprised. "Why?"
He shrugged. "I don't just is."
"Doesn't it depend also on what you eat, what you do, stuff like that?"
"I guess...I think guys just like women saying nice things about their dicks. It doesn't really matter what. Saying something nice about our packages
(yes he calls it 'packages')
feels good."
I thought about it for a while. Then I said, "I guess it makes sense. If you pay my pussy a compliment, I like it, no matter what it is."
"You have a very nice pussy."
"Thank you," I said, smiling.
He left smiling, too.

Come taste depends on many factors. Diet is a big one. Exercise is another. I'm sure smoking affects it, but I wouldn't know firsthand. If your guy's come tastes funky, talk to him about it. But if it tastes nice, tell him so--he'll take it as a compliment.


  1. I never thought to do this before. Good idea.

  2. I've had that - that really, really nice taste.

    Just the once. I have no idea what he did differently that day, but I'd be pleased as punch to recreate it.

    1. That's the trick, isn't it? Figuring out what made it taste so good.

  3. Hydration matters much as well. When I'm not properly hydrated I have a heavier salt undertone, says Mrs. AP. And yes, I can speak from experience in saying that male and female smokers carry the taste into sexual fluids. I've made that mistake twice. No thank you.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

  4. I've always loved the taste of pre-come, I find it less variable in taste than the full load itself, and I've always preferred salty to sweet...what a pity I can never get my husband to eat Brussels sprouts though ;-)

  5. Great post. :p
    I've been feeding my boy a lot of juice lately, I'm hoping to find out if it makes a difference today. ;)