Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Year, New Layout, New Posts

Well hello there, blog o'mine. Long time no see.
Happy New Year!
Let's make some updates!
I did some tweaking to the blog template. Nothing too major, in my opinion—I'll probably never get tired of the black background, it's like the classic black cocktail dress every woman is supposed to have in her closet—which of course I don't, but my BLOG does, so there, that totally counts—where was I going with this? Oh yeah, changes.

I don't know about you fine people, but I'm feeling good about 2015. 2014 filled me with unreasonable and inexplicable anxiety, and while nothing catastrophic happened that year, it was filled with small hiccups and micro-calamities that kept shoving me off my game.
But not this year. Ho ho ho, no. This year I'm gonna rock my socks off.
If I'm told I'm allowed to wear socks. ;)
It's funny how we get vibes about these sorts of things, isn't it? Let's hope I'm right.

I didn't disappeared entirely these last couple months. I can always be found on Fetlife; that place sucks the time out of your life the way Hitachis will suck orgasms out of your clit. Oh yes! We got a hitachi, too. Our first one. A post is going up about that, for sure.
A little prelude: I HATE THE HITACHI. Yes, I do. And I'm pretty sure it hates me back.

But as I was saying, I was on Fetlife (a lot), and I wrote this meme, "30 Things the Right Way." I didn't think anyone would actually do the damn thing, but they did, which made me feel fucking awesome, and all sorts of voyeuristic. So I'm going to put it up here, on my blog. And for the next 30 posts, I'm going to do the meme myself. Because I am a special kinky snowflake.

1. What's your biggest kink?
2. When did you realize this was your "biggest" kink? And how?
3. What's your hardest boundary?
4. When did you realize this is your hardest boundary? And how?
5. What sort of labels, if any, do you use to describe yourself?
6. Do you have any kinky nicknames?
7. When was the first time you used the word "kinky" to describe yourself? How did it feel?
8. Are you "out" to your family? If not, why not?
9. Do you think your upbringing affected your kink in any way? How so?
10. Do you think your kink helps you understand other aspects of your life, your relationships, your personal character?
11. Is it important to you that others understand your kink?
12. Do you wish you were more or less kinky? What does that mean to you?
13. How does your health affect your kink?
14. How close are you to your local kink community?
15. Could you ever be with someone not as kinky as you (whatever that would mean to you)? What about more kinky (again, "more" being however you interpret that to be)?
16. Name a kink you are embarrassed to reveal. Describe the first time you had to reveal it to a partner.
17. When was the first time you ever had to call RED?
18. Is there a kink out there you think is just plain wrong? Ie, scat, animal play, etc? Or do you think anything goes?
19. How easy is it for you to let other people in on your kinks? Are you open, or do you keep it behind closed doors?
20. Have you ever had a scene you wished went longer than it did? Tell us about it.
21. What do you wish some of the other vanilla people in your life knew about you?
22. What do you wish some of the other kinky people in your life knew about you?
23. Name one personal trigger you have. It does not have to be the biggest one, just one you are willing to share.
24. Name a toy you really want to try out.
25. Give us a fantasy of yours you don't think you'll ever try...and tell us why not.
26. What would you be willing to give up for the sake of your kink?
27. What kink would you be willing to give up for the sake of the rest of your life?
28. Tell us about a passion you have in your life which is not kink related.
29. Tell us about a time someone misjudged your kink in a way that made you uncomfortable, or made you think.
30. Tell us which kink you feel most talented to do, and which you think you need more experience.
31. Where and how do you learn most of your kink? TV, online, the kink community, etc?
Oh, and readers? TAG, YOU'RE IT. Go do the meme yourselves. Because we are all of us special kinky snowflakes. 

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  1. Shelby that is a mighty fine MEME you have set up for other KINKS to ANSWER. What might your answers be to your OWN WONDERFUL MEME.