Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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Just saw this question posted on Tumblr:
Can you explain the difference between punishment and funishment?

And here is my answer:
Punishment, real punishment, is never fun for the bottom, and ideally, should not be fun for the Top, either. Because punishment means the bottom has screwed up, made a mistake, and needs some discipline. 
Punishment usually includes something the sub REALLY does not like. Like…being ignored completely for a certain amount of time. Put her in the corner for 10 minutes with a timer, and most of the time, the bottom emerges a changed person. 
Funishment is different. It may look like a punishment, but both sides know it’s just an act, it’s not real. It’s a justification to give both people what they really want: some reinforcement of the D/s relationship. This can be through pain, humiliation, objectification, etc. 
Some people do not abide the idea of “Funishment.” To them, the acts of BDSM are too sacred to involve any sort of pretend play. 
But other couples love it and swear by it. Especially when the bottom is a brat, or smart-assed masochist…then funishment gets truly wicked. 
Hope this helps. 

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