Saturday, September 22, 2012

Folsom Tomorrow

Tomorrow, I will be attending Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. I intend to get there early, before the huge crowds. (I also intend to leave early, once things get bad. I hate pushy, jostling crowds.)

My list of things to buy (if the price is right) in order of desire:

  1. A heavy leather flogger, anal-insertive handle a plus.
  2. A long whippy flogger, either leather or rubber, anal-insertive handle a plus.
  3. A jeweled butt plug.
  4. Two impression paddles, one that says "slut" and one that says "bitch." 
  5. Matching set of cuffs, collar, and leash.
  6. A dragon-tail whip.
  7. Anything else that catches my eye that I don't think I'll be able to find anywhere else.
As you can see, I plan on spending a good chunk of money. 
I usually make a number of purchases online during the year, but in the months leading up to the fair, I save my money, in the hopes I'll find exactly what I'm looking for there. There's always a risk, buying something online, that you're not going to get exactly what you want; and there's something very satisfying about feeling a new BDSM toy under your hands, and taking it home with you.

If you're interested, I will be tweeting about the fair on my twitter account, Shelby _Cross. You can follow along there. 

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