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The Hotel Bentmoore Books by Shelby Cross
The Hotel Bentmoore. An elegant, lavish hotel, catering to those who seek an escape from the rigors of conventional life. Beneath the facade of this opulent dream world, another world awaits: that of the erotic, the lascivious, and the sadistic.
The Hotel Bentmoore. Where the decadence, opulence and charm of the rooms above hide the maze of dungeon rooms below...where the cries of hedonistic pleasure coalesce with the screams of unspeakable perversion, until one can no longer tell the difference.
The Hotel Bentmoore. Where anonymity, secrecy, and above all else, ultimate carnal pleasure, are guaranteed. 

Book One
Tales From the Hotel Bentmoore: The Complete Collection
Story #1: Alice has returned to the Hotel Bentmoore for her own private celebration. She plans on some raunchy merriment with her long-time host, Mr. Sinclaire. Little does she know, Mr. Sinclaire has a new toy he’s been waiting to try, designed to keep the most willful and disobedient of women in line...and he can think of no other woman he’d like to try it out on more than Alice.

Story #2: Deborah has been a regular guest of Mr. Dean for years. She craves his steady, strict hand and calm, measured control. But now, Deborah wants to try something new, something that stretches beyond all her boundaries, and she will need the full force of Mr. Dean’s dominating will if she is to succeed.
Story #3: Mark and Audra, a young married couple, meet with Mr. Dean for some help moving past Audra’s scandalous affair. Mr. Dean realizes if Audra’s punishment is to be effective, it must be severe, the likes of which Audra could never have imagined. But Mr. Dean must also teach the couple Audra’s predilections are nothing to be ashamed of, and to do that, he will have to call in some help: a fellow hostess of the Hotel Bentmoore who has her own unique, feminine charms.
Story #4: Elizabeth, a young, wealthy, and beautiful brat, arrives to the Hotel Bentmoore in dire need of some strict discipline. To that end, her stepmother delivers her into the safe and knowing hands of her host, Mr. Shern. Mr. Shern knows exactly how to handle an impudent girl like Elizabeth: with a strict list of rules, and a painful set of consequences for her actions. It is one weekend Elizabeth will never forget.

Book Two
Masters of the Hotel Bentmoore: The Complete Collection 
Story #1: Michelle greets her host, Mr. Dean, with vague and dubious claims. It seems she has no idea what she wants, and yet she specifically asks for Mr. Dean, a Master known for his strict discipline and no-nonsense attitude. Mr. Dean quickly learns he must abandon his customary tactics if he is to please this shy and skittish guest. Yet nothing prepares him for the shocking truth little Michelle is hiding! Mr. Dean must rely on some new tactics, and engage Michelle in a skillful game of subterfuge, if he is to get her to accept her true nature.
Story #2: Khloe has been betrayed by her boyfriend. Feeling lost and alone, Khloe escapes to the Hotel Bentmoore to seek out the help of her long-time host, Mr. Shern. But Mr. Shern knows Khloe needs more than a little pep-talk and some kinky sex to make her feel better. Khloe is a cutter, and she may hurt herself badly if Mr. Shern does not take control. Only when Khloe is broken down completely can Mr. Shern heal her broken soul.
Story #3: Evie is her Daddy’s little babygirl. But Evie’s daddy is away on business, and she’s been handed her off to Mr. Cox, a host and Master of the Hotel Bentmoore. Evie thinks she has nothing but fun and relaxation ahead of her during her stay. She has another thing coming.
Story #4: Samantha arrives to the Hotel Bentmoore with her boyfriend in tow, and from the beginning, it is obvious to their host, Mr. Sinclaire, something is not right between the two. He soon discovers that while Samantha is a masochist by nature, her boyfriend is not just a sadist, he’s an abuser--and must be stopped. Mr. Sinclaire has a lot to teach Samantha: first, he must teach her the difference a Dom and an cruel abuser. Only then can he cuff her down, have some fun, and show her how deep her inner masochism really goes. It is a weekend neither one of them will ever forget.

                       Book Three
The Edge of Jasmine: A Hotel Bentmoore World Novel 

When Samantha first arrived as a new guest to the Hotel Bentmoore, she was in desperate need of some basic BDSM education. After one weekend with her host, Mr. Sinclaire, she discovered her untapped natural masochism, and came out a new woman. She also knew she had met a man like no other. 
Mr. Sinclaire felt the same way about her, too. But with neither of them able to admit their feelings for each other, Samantha left the hotel, promising to return.
And then she disappeared.
Realizing he just let slip away the one woman who could fulfill all his desires as a Master Sadist and a Dom, Mr. Sinclaire goes searching for his lost treasure. And when he does finally find her again, he realizes he cannot let her go twice. 
But Samantha is not the same woman she was when he first met h
er at the Hotel Bentmoore. She is more experienced now, and more jaded; she has her own secrets to hold close. 
Can Mr. Sinclaire convince Samantha she is all the woman he will ever need? And can Samantha control her Smart-Assed Masochist attitude long enough to give him a chance to try?

Book Four
Inside the Hotel Bentmoore: Training Ella 
Ella has arrived to the Hotel Bentmoore to be disciplined in the arts of sensual pleasure and BDSM. She thinks she is ready for whatever the infamous Masters of the Hotel Bentmoore have in store for her…but nothing can prepare her for the raunchy, humiliating, and consummately erotic scenes she is about to be put through.
But Ella has brought with her secrets of her own, ones which could mean the downfall of the Hotel Bentmoore.
Roles and rules of dominance and submission soon begin to fray as she engages the men in her own little game of psychological warfare. One by one, they must admit defeat, as they fail to conquer her iron will. It will take all the cunning and ingenuity of one notorious sadist to finally get Ella to surrender herself completely….

Book Five
Blood and Desire, Seduction and Murder: A Hotel Bentmoore Romance
Justin Baker, hardcore kinkster, never thought any woman could entice him for anything more than some fun BDSM play…until Alex walks into his life. Beautiful, headstrong, and a skilled martial artist, Alex is the woman of Justin’s fantasies. But her illusive past raises more questions than answers. 
Alex has no desire to become any man’s submissive. She’s on the run, trying to escape a life filled with wanton treachery and gruesome betrayal. 
Justin wants nothing less than her complete surrender. Alex knows if she gives Justin enough time, she will have no choice but to give into his confident seduction. But time is running out: someone is out for Alex’s blood, and not just for some kinky play. 
In this game of power and control, the stakes are high, and Justin must be willing to do whatever it takes to win…even if means returning to the one place he vowed never to return: 
The Hotel Bentmoore. Where, anonymity, secrecy, and above all else, ultimate carnal pleasure, are guaranteed. 

BDSM Fairy Tales by Shelby Cross

The Taming of Red Riding: A BDSM Fairy Tale 

Amelia Riding—young, vibrant, haughty, and known throughout the land for her pampered wealth as well as her lush beauty—holds the captivation and adoration of all. 

But there is one man who wants nothing to do with her: Tim Woodman. 
Coarse, crude, a recluse by nature, Tim is a hard man with an iron will, and he uses that will to dominate and command those around him. He has no interest dealing with a haughty, insolent brat of a girl like Amelia Riding. 
Until one night, Tim Woodman saves Amelia’s life—and uncovers her strong, but buried, submissive nature. Tim will need all his patience and skill if he is to lay her submissive spirit bare. To do that, he must first tame Miss Riding’s unruly ways.
So begins their dark and sordid relationship as Master and Pet.
Tim has a lot to learn his new pet: the true power of her submission, the dark ecstasy of obedience and surrender. 
But winter is harsh in their cold and bleak land, and predators lurk in every shadow. For some, Amelia’s hot-blooded body and ethereal beauty would be the sweetest prey of all…

King Thrushbeard: An Erotic Fairy Tale 
It is the year of our Lord 885, and Lord Noth of Wessex is accompanying King Alfred’s daughter to Mercia, the ravaged land to the north. Noth’s skill with the sword is legendary—but he is no match for the Viking ambush that befalls them, and it takes a mysterious slip of a boy to save his small party from certain death.
What Lord Noth fails to realize is that the brazen boy he’s now indebted to isn’t, in fact, a boy at all.
Known as the “Iron Maiden of Mercia,” Lady Merewyn of Evesham is a willful warrior whose spirit cannot be tamed. Yet when she is accused of treason against Mercia’s new queen, Merewyn is forced to choose: banish herself to a nunnery…or marry a Saxon minstrel, the only man still willing to have her. Unbeknownst to her, her cocky minstrel is no common servant at all, but Lord Noth in disguise: the very man whose shameless attitude and commanding presence has managed to rile her—and beguile her—at every turn.
As Lord Noth drags his defiant wife back home to Wessex, he begins to discover the power of her staunch loyalty and unbridled passion. Realizing he has finally met his match in the stubborn female, smitten by the enchantment of her elusive surrender, he vows to tame her completely, and at any cost.
But in their war-torn land, love comes at a high price, and Merewyn must soon choose between loyalty to her country…or the king of her heart.