Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sexy In His Eyes

Scene From last night, on our bed, right after I put the youngest to sleep
Him: "You're so sexy."
Me: "Stop it. I am not sexy. My hair is a mess, I haven't brushed my teeth—"
Him: "You stop it. You are sexy."
Me: "Oh? What about me is sexy right now?"
Him: "Your legs are sexy."
Me: "I haven't shaved for two days."
Him: "They're sexy as hell."
Me: "You're weird."
Him: "No, don't turn away. Your eyes are sexy."
Me: "My mascara is all over my face."
Him: "And that's sexy. Your lips are sexy. Your throat is sexy. Your skin is sexy."
Me: My skin, huh? You're ill, remember? You're not thinking straight."
Him: "I'm feeling much better now."
Me: "Okay Romeo, so someday when my hair falls out and my teeth fall out and my knees are all bent and my face is all wrinkly and my skin is sagging to the floor, will I still be sexy?"
Him: "Yes, because of the most sexy thing of all."
Me: "And what's that?"
Him: "Control."
Me: "...Control?"
Him: "Yes. My control over you. That is the most sexy thing of all."
Me: "Really."
Him: "Yes. Watch: open your legs. See, you didn't think twice."
Me: "I did think twice!"
Him: (laughing) "Okay, maybe you did think twice, but you still did it. That is control, and that is sexy."
Me: "You really are sick."
Him: "Then make me feel better. Give me a blowjob. Ah...I love owning you."